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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good afternoon everyone. we begin this noon with breaking
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news. states attorney patricia jessamy is set to address the public for the first time since the primary election. gregg bernstien won by more than 13 votes after ballots were counted yesterday. election officials say provisional ballots still need to be counts, 11:00 news has just learned that jessamy will hold a news conference to concede the race within the hour. 11 news live team reporter is live with the details. david? >> good afternoon, that's right. 11 news has confirmed that pat jessamy will concede to her opponent. jessamy called a mandatory eting with her prosecutors at 11:00 this morning. judges excused them from the courtroom to attend the meeting. a source who attended it said it was very emotional. jessamy plans to hold a press conference here at her headquarters at 1:00 to publicly announce that she is conceding. this will be her first public
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statements regarding the election since election day. as you mentioned absentee ballots were counted yesterday. the count extended the lead by challenger bernstien prompting one of jessamy's strongest spotters, baltimore city delegate curt ander soon to suggest the race is over. 11 news has confirmed that patricia jessamy will concede the race to her challenger gregg bernstien. he will make that announcement public here at her campaign headquarters and we'll carry it on wbal plus at 1:00 this afternoon. david collins, tv 11 news. >> we will provide live coverage of jessamy's press conference over the air and online. just tune in to wbal plus. you can also watch a live stream on our website, wbal you'll find a link on our front
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page. a scene you saw unfold first right here on 11 news noon at yesterday. now a triple shooting at john hopkins hospital being investigated as a murder-suicide. the nell san harvey building was placed on lock down after a distraught son received distressing news and opened fire. he shot dr. dave cohen after being briefed by his mother's medical condition. he then bare kidded himself in the room with his mother. around 1:30 p.m., they learned he had killed his mother and then himself. dr. cohen is expected to recover. another testimony in the case of three suspects accused of gunning down someone. they tried to link the three defendants to the robbery and shooting outside the lounge in september of 2008. through d.n.a. and fingerprints evidence. but the defense attorney
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questioned how the evidence was obtained. >> you have several different crime scenes to try to take evidence from one crime scene and relate it to another crime scene to include the identity. in addition, i have problems with the way teved was recovered, the way it was labeled and the way it was processed. >> we'll have the latest tonight. a man and a woman denied bail after police say they held a woman captive for nearly a year. police have charged 29-year-old jermaine smith bay and 27-year-old kimberly king with false imprisonment. they kept a disabled woman locked in a bathroom at a home in the 100 block of brookberry drive for nine months while they collected her disability checks. during that time the victim was physically abused. >> the victim she suffered from multiple injuries, everything from her eyes being injured to
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her ribs being injured, to her having a fractured tailbone. >> the unidentified victim is in critical condition right now. her 1-year-old child is in the custody of social services. two men are behind bars accused of stealing $3.5 million in metal. they arrested the two men on tuesday in connection with the commercial burglary in the 3,500 block of little street last week. police say men stole more than 500 tons of metal that is used to make stainless steel. police say they have apprehended the first suspect within minutes of arriving at the shopping center on wnds. the other suspect fled the scene but was picked up yesterday. and the search is over for a man who escaped police custody with his pregnant girlfriend. they were arrested without incident by u.s. marshals
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wednesday in washington state. baltimore police say palmer, a suspect charged in an august stabbing, made up a medical injury to break free from hand restraints last friday. the girlfriend faces charges of harboring a fugitive. >> cold front starting to make a way through our area as we had all the clouds yesterday and the showers, so pretty significant. right now, a few clouds trying to develop but more sun than clouds out there for sure. looks like we have a pleasant afternoon. the winds are out of the northwest and will be picking up as the afternoon progresses as well. for some reason our temperature map is off. looks like mid 70's across most of the area. 74 at the airport, 77 downtown. and up into the low 80's again but that's cooler than yesterday's 86. i've got more for you coming up on your seven day. >> we heard what law makers said about raising taxes but now america is weighing in. a new poll shows that more than
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half the public wants the risk to pay higher taxes. but could we see a tax vote before november elections? here's that story from washington. >> president obama says preserving tax breaks for the wealthy, the republican plan, costs too much. >> they want to spend another $700 billion that 98% of americans will never see! >> i don't think i want to put my grandchildren through it in this country and to debt. >> the pressure is on. republicans now insist on dealing with this before november's elections. >> up or down vote on stopping all of the coming taxes. >> here's why it's a big deal. the census bureau reports that 1-7 americans are now poor. the most ever. a new private analysis says letting the tax cuts expire will mean a family of four making $50,000 would pay washington an extra $2900 next year. that's a problem for democrats
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running for re-election. >> it's still about the brahm brahm and his agenda and that remains a fundamental democratic problem. >> hammered on unemployment the administration is fighting back. today the white house releases a report on 100 stimulus projects that are creating thousands of jobs across america. tracy potts, wbal news. >> could a life of espionage provide a spark for marriage? the stars of the new tv show "undercovers" are here for a preview. and color codes on seafood. but first. >> with all the little things, it really didn't add up. >> questions lead to doubt in the case of a woman attacked with acid. why the victim could
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>> some frighten video out of turkey where a trip to the park for a mother and her young son becomes a nightmare. the toddler crawled on a busy highway with heavy traffic passing by. it all happened before the mother realized he had awakened. for nearly 30 seconds, they drove by without slowing down. finally a truck driver saw the boy, blocked traffic until the mother ran out into the highway and picked him up. fortunately, the little boy
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wasn't hurt. >> police in washington state say a woman who claims she was a victim of an acid attack now says she made the whole thing up. it was all a hoax. the burns she suffered were self inflicted. over the course of the investigation, several discrepencies surfaced. they seized a number of items at her home when she confessed. >> you wake up that morning, i'm going to throw it on the first person i see. >> police say she is extremely upset and very remorseful. she could face criminal charges. >> it is oprah's week to end her farewell season with a bang. plus, two c.i.a. spies retire from the force after falling in love and now the duo is thrust back into the world of espionage. a preview on nbc's "undercovers" live with the shows stars. >> and taking a look at a nice
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dry doplar. going to be a gorgeous weekend around baltimore. right now, 74 at the air
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>> now your weather forecast with saundra shaw. >> stop what you're doing and take a look at new york city. this is in the three burrows that were affected by a tornado like down burst. wind of 70-100 miles per hour toppled trees over. there was one fatality. a woman who was in her car tried to get out of the rain and the tree just crashed into her car. so, a major event in new york with the severe storm. we did see some rain with this frontal system but all the energy was well to our north. fortunately nothing like that here. but they're still recovering and cleaning up near manhattan. we're dealing with a few little clouds. all the energy is way off show and it continues to move to the east. so high pressure is going to build in behind the low pressure system that went through last night. so with the contrast and the
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pressure, we could see the winds pick up more as the afternoon progresses. right now westerly at about 10 miles per hour. current temperatures in the upper 70's. 74 at the airport, 77 in easton. looks like we're headed for a high in baltimore in the low 80's which is above normal again. mid 60's, slight chance for lingering rain out in the mountains throughout the afternoon. other than that for us, beautiful sunny skies, 83 degrees. yesterday we were 86 degrees and very humid. today, it's a dryer 83 with those brisk northwest winds. no problems if you want to take the boat out and get a head start on the chesapeake. the waves there only be one to two feet. 78 and 58 for your normals so we're generally in that range. couple degrees above the normal high. 56 is our average low, tonight and our suburbs will be between 55 and 58 degrees. but downtown as the typical in
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the low 60's. but mostly clear skies, great for friday night football and great for anything if you have plans outdoors. high pressure is going to build, going to hold steady throughout the weekend. another little front may get through here late sunday but going to be a dry front. with that said, we won't see any major prescription, probably no precipitation. but where it is active is in the tropics as igor is still packing winds. it's headed towards bermuda, land fall late monday night. but julia's right behind it with 85 mile-per-hour sustained winds and carl is currently hitting mexico. very active in the tropics, very quiet and gorgeous here. temperatures in the low 80's all weekend long with plenty of sun. >> thank you, sandra. espionage plus disguises and hand to hand combat equal the perfect marriage right? that's the premise of nbc's new fall series "undercovers." and their stars, boris kodjoe
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and gugu mbatha-raw join us live from ber bank, california with more. good afternoon. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> doing great. first of all, you both are incredibly gorgeous people, so besides this great eye candy what can we expect when "undercovers" debuts this wednesday? >> you can expect lots of action and drama. there's romance and comedy all packaged in one. that's what makes it so fun. we play a married couple of ex-spies that decide to retire and live a normal life. as you can see this is our catering company. >> bloom catering. >> after five years we decide to go back into c.i.a., and we travel the world and encounter incredible adventures while making our marriage work. >> this is a really physical show, so what does it take to become steven bloom, first of all, boris, answer that one for me? >> well you know, a lot of training, martial arts, different languages, we get to
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kick butt all the time. great role for an actor because we get to do so many things on a daily basis that you wouldn't get to do. plus you add the element of j.j. abrams and josh reems, two amazing creators of shows like "lost" and "alias" and it's a great concept and hopefully the audience will have a great time traveling throughout the world with us and having great adventures. >> so gugu, what are the physical challenges for you playing samantha? >> well, i mean samantha is incredibly athletic, which is great for me. i have a kind of dance background. so it's been great using my flexibility and -- yeah, i mean the challenge for samantha is that she has to do it all in high heels a lot of the time. so, you know, there's a very glamourous aesthetic to the show. it's been great fun, and as boris said we've had this training, and had a chance to
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work with some fantastic stunt coordinators. so, it's been great. >> and how is it working together? i imagine the key part of this show is the kem try -- is the chemistry between the two of you. >> it's been great. we both grew up in europe so we had to to share. it's a demanding job so we've got to stick together. and you know, obviously the sexript is amazing, and it allows us to play these characters that are so multifast setted and it's just a great opportunity to be apart of something like that and have a great time. the audience will go on the ride with us and enjoy it as much as we do. >> ultimately -- oh, ultimately the relationship really is at the heart of it. so the fascinating thing as the characters develop is when we were in the c.i.a. we didn't talk about our past or our operations with each other. so now as we're back in the
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agency, things start kind of slipping out about each others histories and relationships that complicates things and makes it very interesting dynamics. >> a lot of skeletons are being revealed as we go through the episodes. >> it looks like a great show. thank you so much for joining us and we look forward to seeing "undercovers." boris and gugu, thank you so much. have a great day. >> thank you so much. and i want to give a quick shout out to my wife's family in baltimore. donald parker and reggie, susan parker, hey! >> i didn't know we had a baltimore connection. that's fabulous. thank you so much. you can catch boris kodjoe and gugu mbatha-raw in the series premiere of "undercovers" 8:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. all new this afternoon on the farewell season of oprah, the queen of talk closes out the premiere week with a bang. nate berkus and vera wang join. 14 years to the day since
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launching ore book club, he makes the live announcement on her 54th election. that's all later today. >> and this afternoon's consumer alert whole food new rules for using seafood and what not to buy. we have details on the new color code and rating system. >> the seafood awareness campaign at grocery chain whole foods means next to the signs spelling out bargains on the seafood, don't be surprised to see signs steering you away from certain species. >> seafood is an area where a lot of customers have a little bit of confusion. >> to clear up some of that confusion, whole foods has adopted a color coding rating season. green signifies a species of fish in abundance that's caught responsiblely by commercial fisheries. >> they're using sustainable practices so they're not depleting the resources, that they're not harming the environment while they're
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fishing. >> yellow, the species may be overfished and doing harm to other sea life when caught. while red indicates the fish is definitely suffering for both those reasons. whole foods still offers them though to send a message. >> the reason we're continuing to send these species is we want to give them an opportunity to make changes to their operations. >> changes that are recommended by the blue ocean institute, the environmental group that's advising whole foods where customers are already more satisfied. >> this would definitely make me take a second thought before i bought something. >> some retailers have gone a step further and stopped offering certain seafoods because of the way they're caught. wbal tv 11 news. >> up next, your maryland lottery. >> and getting a check of your >> and getting a check of your weather fo y
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is all that we do. >> now your maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. >> it's the maryland lottery all season long with purple drawings and scratch offs. >> here are your numbers on this purple friday. they are -- 0. 7. and 2. that means your pick numbers are 0, 7 and 2. your pick four is next. but first, don't miss your chance to win access to the field as the ravens take on the denver broncos october 1.
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visit md moving right along your pick four numbers are -- 3. 1. 5. and 4. that makes it 3, 1, 5 and 4. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> and sandra has a final look at our weather. i love this beginning of fall. >> it's great. we've really been blessed with some beautiful days. the weekend is going to hold true to form. a high of about 80 tomorrow. plenty of sun. 82 on sunday. not humid out there. monday and tuesday even cooler in the upper 70's by wednesday which is the first full day of fall. getting more humid by the middle of next week but a great weekend ahead. >> no complaints here. thanks for joining us. >> and be sure to watch tonight at 5:00 with donna and stan.
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have a great day. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable.
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that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.

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